Quick guide to SELKIRK Pickleball Paddles!

Why SELKIRK Paddles?

SELKIRK is one of the most recognised brands in pickleball. Their high-quality products are used by some of the best players in the world. They have paddles covering all levels, from beginners to intermediates, and on to advanced players.

We stock a comprehensive range of these paddles and there’s a paddle to suit most players requirements! But how do you narrow this down? Especially when paddles are produced in different shapes, thicknesses, handle sizes and so on!

Here’s where our quick blog and paddle chart come in – hopefully, we can point you in the right direction!

Compare and sort paddles in our interactive paddle chart.

Popular sellers for different standards...


The SELKIRK SLK Nexus and Latitude 2.0 are the most popular with beginners. Both paddles have large sweet spots, with good power and spin, ideal to get you developing your shots whilst learning the game.


The SELKIRK SLK Halo Series has been a best seller over the last few months. The Halo paddles come in four different variations. The Control Max, Control XL, Power Max and Power XL. The Control comes with a 16mm core to maximise feel and dwell time on the ball, meaning more time to control the balls direction and the Power comes with a 13mm core. This thinner core makes the paddle stiffer, reducing dwell time on the ball. Thinner cores tend to have a slightly smaller sweet spot compared to thicker cores. Both the Control and Power have T700 Raw Carbon surfaces which is great for generating maximum spin whilst also being very durable. The Halo range is now available in vibrant colours, black/brown, black/green and black/pink. This has mostly been purchased by intermediate level players.


The top of the range SELKIRK paddles for Intermediate/Advanced players have Air Dynamic Throat Technology, for increased swing speed. This offers optimal airflow through the paddle and improved ball control. This technology is included with the SELKIRK Vanguard Power Air and SELKIRK Luxx Control Air paddles.

The Power Air paddles have a 13mm core to produce more power and with the ProSpin+ NextGen Texture, maximum spin with a long-lasting surface. The Luxx Control Air paddles have a 20mm X7 Thickset core which provides even more power and control. The core’s maximum sweet spot is further enhanced by the honeycomb construction, which provides a more consistent feel on every shot.

Choose your shape


Standard Paddle Shape with Short Handle: Featuring the largest sweet spot of all Selkirk paddle shapes, the S2 provides amplified power and reliable consistency. Its traditional shape and extra-large surface area pairs with a shorter handle to offer players ultimate control on the court.


Long Handle & Standard Paddle Shape: Pairing a traditional Pickleball paddle shape with a large surface area and a long handle, the Epic delivers the perfect blend of power and control. Versatile and well-rounded, the Epic paddle shape is ideal for the beginner and the seasoned pro.


Long Handle & Longest Paddle Shape: Favoured for its increased sweet spot size when compared to other elongated Pickleball paddle shapes, the Invikta is popular with intermediate to Pro player, and is the brainchild of National Pickleball Champion, Tyson McGuffin. Its elongated shape, large sweet spot, and long handle provide more power, more reach, and more spin.


Maximum surface shape for increased sweet spot for balanced players.


Elongated shape for a longer handle, increased spin for power players.


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Contact us for further advice...

Hopefully our quick guide to SELKIRK paddles has helped just a little bit with choosing a SELKIRK paddle for you? If you wanted to dicuss paddles further then we would be delighted to hear from you – please give us a call on 01227 860348 or email us at sales@pickleballcomplete.co.uk 

Compare and sort paddles in our interactive paddle chart.

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