Pickleball Stars

If you are new to the sport of Pickleball, then here’s our quick guide to some of the stars of the sport and to their favoured paddles…

Tyler Loong - Vulcan Pro

Tyler Loong has been playing pickleball for six years. He started playing tennis at age 7, including playing Division 1 College Tennis during his first year at BYU in Utah. He transitioned into playing pickleball after his neighbour, Tyler Sheffield, invited him to play a game one afternoon; he’s been hooked ever since! From the very beginning of his time playing the sport, his favourite part about the pickleball community has been the feeling of family and friendship. To this day, most of his close friends are fellow pickleball players, and he appreciates this common bond they share.

When not playing on the professional tour, Tyler has also helped start the first national youth pickleball initiative—the National JPO. The National JPO started as a local project in Loong’s home state of Utah; while that program, the Utah JPO, is still growing to encompass 4-5 events a year, Tyler and the National JPO also run the Jr. PPA tournaments on a national scale. The National JPO focuses on kids from ages 7-18, and they specialize in all-inclusive family events.

In his spare time, Tyler is a referee for college tennis matches, travels with his wife and two children, and enjoys outdoor sports—such as hiking, surfing, biking, and skateboarding. His career has paired creativity and focus, from owning a shaved ice shack to real estate investment to working in account management; his pickleball game shows the same combination of fun and discipline, including his signature Erne shot.

Tyler is excited to be part of Team Vulcan so he can be 100% into the sport he loves most, while being supported by a company that makes a full range of products he likes.

Tyler uses a VULCAN V730 Max paddle

Notable tournament wins:

2019 Beer City, Mens Pro Doubles – 2nd Place

2019 US Open, Mens Pro Doubles – 4th Place

2019 Mountain Regional, Mens Pro Doubles – 1st place

2018 Nationals, Mens Pro Singles – 2nd place

2018 Canadian Open, Triple Crown Winner (Mens Doubles, Singles, Mixed)

Corrine Carr - Vulcan Pro

Corrine Carr, otherwise known as the “Professor of Pickleball,” has been playing pickleball for over five years. She started playing pickleball while she was getting her PhD in Finance from Michigan State University, where she wanted an athletic activity that took place indoors during the cold weather. Six months after playing her first game, she competed in her first tournament; she was immediately impressed with the social community surrounding the competitive atmosphere, and she was hooked.

Corrine started playing tennis and golf at a young age, and she went to college at South Carolina university on a Division 1 golf scholarship. She still plays both tennis and golf in her spare time, when she’s not teaching as a professor of finance at Campbell University in North Carolina.

When she is not working or playing sports, Corrine loves to travel to new locations – from Alaska to Argentina, to Iceland and Switzerland, and many more to come. She enjoys cooking, fashion, and biking, and she is easily known as the nicest player on the professional tour.

Corrine is excited to be part of Team Vulcan because of the supportive, friendly team members. Corrine uses the Vulcan V520 Control

Notable tournament wins:

2019 Beer City – Gold in Women’s Doubles Pro, Bronze in Singles Pro

2019 SoCal Classic – Gold in Women’s Doubles Pro

2019 Atlanta Open – Gold in Women’s Doubles Pro

2019 US Open – Silver in Women’s Doubles Pro

2018 Nationals – Silver in Women’s Doubles Pro

Ben Johns - JOOLA Pro

Ben currently uses the Joola Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16mm paddle

Location: Austin, Texas

Career Highlights:

Back to back Triple Crown titles at the US Open

9x PPA Tour triple crown titles

108 match winning streak spanning 2 years in singles

Life Before Pickleball: I played tennis, table tennis, and baseball primarily. Other than that I was a student, and enjoyed the gym, hiking, and reading (and still do!)

Personal Heroes: Elon Musk

Favourite Pump-Up Song(s):
Higher, Pour Some Sugar, You’re the Best

Favourite Food: Hot pot, Korean BBQ, Sushi

Regina Franco Goldberg - JOOLA Pro

Regina currently uses the Joola Radius CGS 14mm paddle

Location: Delray, Florida

Career Highlights:

Franklin Invitational Masters – 2nd womens doubles

APP Hilton Head – 1st mixed doubles/ 2nd womens doubles

APP Punta Gorda – 3rd womens doubles

APP Delray Open – 3rd womens doubles

APP SC Open – 2nd womens doubles

Life Before Pickleball: I played professional racquetball

Personal Heroes: Mom and grandpa

Favourite Pump-Up Song(s): Fade – Kanye West

Favourite Food: Italian, sushi, and Mediterranean. For dessert: CHOCOLATE

Steve Cole - ONIX Pro

After back surgery, Steve Cole was looking for a low impact sport. His background was in
racquetball, table tennis, and basketball, and his wife, who was already
playing pickleball, convinced him to try it. Steve instantly fell in love with
the sport.

Since then, the Las Vegas, Nevada, player has won more than 70 5.0/pro event tournaments.
Using his
ONIX Evoke Premier paddle, he is proud to represent Team ONIX at


USA National Champion

US Open Champion

Huntsman World Senior Games Champion – Triple Crown Winner

2x National Champion

2x US Open Champion

Bonnie Williams - ONIX Pro

A former NAIA All-American tennis player, Bonnie Williams picked up pickleball when rehabbing an ACL injury. Since switching to pickleball, she is a seven-time USAPA Nationals champion, four-time Tournament of Champions winner, and a three-time US Open champion.

She loves playing with the Evoke Premier Paddle because it offers the perfect balance of control and power all in one pickleball paddle.


7x USA National Champion

3x US Open Champion

4x Tournament of Champions Gold Medalist

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